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Teleported into space by a crazed wizard, Space Dwarf travels the galaxy as a looking for a good bar fight, his favorite meal, crunchy chicken, and takes on the occasional bounty to fill his satchel full of gold, or credits as they’re called in space.


So follow the adventures of Space Dwarf where his latest bounty may be his last, as he explores a space station on the outer rim of the galaxy in a full color, 24 page comic book. Available now!


Still in hyperspace

• Space Dwarf issue 2 – Whats a Merkin?
Find out this fall when Space Dwarf issue 2 invades the cosmos.


• Space Dwarf Book 1 – Help Space Dwarf save the universe in this CYOA style graphic novel. More information coming soon.



Do you want to see a Space Dwarf cartoon?

Well I hope so because there is one in production.


Meanwhile here are some quick video clips.



A sweet video response to a groundhogs day advertisement.




A  tale of two moonkin hatchlings in the forest of azeroth.


Now there is only one!!


A rough-cut music video.

We love games here are Space Dwarf studios, and have conjured up our own creations over the years.


Currently we have many games in development.

A few examples are;

• a trick taking card game that has a twisted sense of humor,

• a Space Dwarf Themed board game,

• a strategic domination board game

• and of course a game full of zombies.



First Draft prototype of the space dwarf vinyl toy. Made by the awesome Mike Anthony with 5 pounds of sculpey.


This detailed guy stands 8 inches tall holding his skull faced battle axe and fully painted by Markus Vernon.




Still in hyperspace –

• 2nd draft of the Space Dwarf vinyl toy.

• Space Dwarf Plushy.



Based in Louisville Kentucky, Markus Vernon founded Space Dwarf Studios in 2009 to produce different mediums of entertainment.   Space Dwarf Studios  travels to new frontiers as writers, artist and designers take on the quest to bring Comics, Games and Entertainment to the outer reaches of this world and beyond. Space Dwarf is a sci-fi fantasy comic with a slice of horror created by Markus Vernon.  Space Dwarf the card game is also in development with an extremely talented design team. As Space Dwarf  Studios travels into the future we look forward to collaborations of great talent and outstanding ideas.

Space Explore'n